Race is not always a clear-cut matter on Thalassa. During the Cataclysm, some races disappeared all together. Others, like the new goblins, aren’t really races at all, but mutations of other species.

More than nine out of every ten residents of Thalassa are human. It is human history and culture that defines the world. Human nations divide up the known world. Humans build cities and run trading houses. From the human perspective, it is their world. Other races only live in it.

Elves are not native to the known world, but were first discovered in the new lands to the west. Those who live among humanity are the descendants of the counter-invasion sent shortly before the Cataclysm. Most live apart from humanity in towns based on martial tradition and rank, but a renaissance has led to the rise of the Qi Aonari, the less-regimented “other places,” where art and culture flourish.

Brought over by the elves as servants and soldiers, the Qund are a created race, but unlike golems in that they are flesh and blood with minds of their own. Some Qund continue to serve. Others have formed their own society. There are Qund towns on Iona and the Dragonfire Islands and a large Qund neighborhood in The Free City of Vyz.

Dwarves were never numerous above ground. During the Cataclysm, they retreated to their mines. The few that emerged nearly all settled in The Free City of Vyz. Whether there are millions of dwarves living underground or some other fate befell them is unknown.

Dragons live almost exclusively on the Dragonfire Islands. Low dragons are powerful beasts out of legend, terrifying and massive. But, they are dumb beasts. High dragons are intelligent, sentient beings and exceedingly rare, numbering less than a thousand the world over. Many are powerful thaumaturges. The high dragons actively protect their own affairs with an ambassadorial corps. Most major cities have a draconic embassy along with some small towns that the dragons deem important, even if no one else knows why.

Orcs are





Tssin, also known as lizardfolk…

The undead are not a race, but are numerous enough to be worth mentioning.


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