Severin's Books


An Anari Librarian has come to the Salvager’s Guild in Nesseved. He is seeking a group of salvagers willing to travel with him to the ruins of a pre-Cataclysm monastery on Vacua East to attempt to recover a cache of books that belonged to Severin the Wanderer.

He is prepared to pay half an Ionan blue coal pound per adventurer per day plus expenses and a bonus on success of ten pounds. As with all guild missions, all participants will get an even share of the salvage.

Passage has been secured on the local steamer, Borga’s Pride and will take approximately two days to reach the port town, Ajani. From there, the party will travel with a trade caravan to the Tssin village, Ga.

From Ga, they will travel overland to the ruins of Yagan’s Monastery, where they will seek Severin’s traveling chest.

Help Wanted

The Salvager’s Guildhall at Sydfalster’s Square is a low, unassuming wooden building, its street-facing front marked with only the red shield crossed with shovel and sword of the Salvager’s Guild. But, to hundreds of young men and women seeking a more interesting life than farming or soldiering, it’s the beginning of a life of adventure and excitement.

Salvagers travel the known world recovering lost treasures. And Thalassa has much that is lost. Bjann’s Company started here and marched straight into legend, not to mention huge piles of loot.

When you arrive that morning, the main room is already a hive of activity. Dozens of would-be adventurers sit around the long, rectangular tables, sharing breakfast, rumors, and boasts. Coffee and food sellers work their way slowly between the tables. From the back yard, the sound of steel striking steel rings high and clear, echoing into the room.

The only thing missing this morning is adventure. A few older bulletins are nailed to the job board, but they’ve been read a thousand times. Lord Mizu is looking for another party to seek the hand of Emperor Vanatius VII. He’s paid a small fortune to adventurers running all over the known world looking for an artifact that almost certainly doesn’t exist. Until he got the last ones killed, they were happy to let him. The other bulletins are looking for very specific skills, none of which the companies present possess.

The morning is almost gone when a traveler enters the room and immediately becomes the main topic of conversation. The regulars don’t recognize him, but the open book painted on his shield marks him as a Librarian. They always need Salvagers.

The newcomer is led into the salvage manager’s office. For the next hour, the conversation is rich with speculation, but it doesn’t seem to be based on any actual knowledge. No one has ever seen this Librarian before.

Eventually, Rishi the Troll emerges from the manager’s office. Leaning heavily on his cane, he hobbles across the room with a sheet of paper in his hand. Everyone watches him, but no one crowds him. Anyone who’s been here more than once knows better.

As soon as he steps back, there is a general rush to the board. The first salvager to get there is from a bloodied company that’s already returned from a half dozen missions. He walks away, shaking his head.

Others read the notice and head directly to the company manager’s desk to receive a chit. You recognize them as newer salvagers, mostly unbloodied solo operators, not beholden to any company. That means the job is probably right up your alley.

When you get to the bulletin, it reads:

Seeking a company of salvagers to travel to Vacua East to seek a cache of books lost to the Library at Iona. Will pay up to six people a half pound (Ionan) a day plus a ten pound salvage fee and expenses. Estimated length of engagement is two to three weeks.

Will be traveling in the wilds, so salvagers must be combat ready. Those with healing skill or lock-picking will be given special consideration.

Apply in salvage manger’s office. Immediate employment.

Severin's Books

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